How it Works ?
Step 01 - Get a 'sms2calls' card
How to achieve?
start from get one 'sms2calls' card

get a sms2calls card to enjoy overseas calling to anywhere from any time without roaming.

'Sms2calls' card are flat rate to make you to make or receive international roaming calls on your mobile while overseas to anywhere from anytime. You can get it on our sales office or our 'sms2calls' card re-seller.

Step 02 - Get a local SIM card
What do you need?
Get a local SIM card or local phone

using foreign SIM card with mobile phone

Overseas SIM CardMobile Phone

You will need to purchase or get an overseas SIM when you arrive at your destination.
You will also need a 'sms2calls' card with mobile phone or local phone.

Step 03 - Send SMS to our gateway
How does it work?

Connect your number to sms2calls gateway

Overseas SIM Card'sms2calls' gatewayDestination Phone

Use foreign SIM card, send your 'sms2calls' card
PIN No to your Destination Number (e.g: your friend or family phone number).

  Get your 'sms2calls' card PIN No in here.
Please follow the step in here.
- key in <PIN No.> and <Destination Number (B Party)>
- Send SMS to (+60174199110) or (+60164281060) or (+60195002166).

Waiting for our server to connect two phone mumbers. You will receive a phone call from our server.
Press the answer button to connect your Destination Number (B Party).
Enjoy your calling without roaming fee after destination numbers is answer.

*Please use number 'A' as your foreign country number to avoid roaming charges.

for more info please see out terms of use.
Step 04 - Server connecting two sides phone numbers
Wait for our server to connect

connect two side phone number

Overseas SIM CardDestination Phone

Fast connecting with "sms2calls" services. It will connect in two side phone numbers and
charge one side "sms2call" card credite value.
Step 05 - Enjoy your calling
Enjoy your calling while overseas

Enjoy your calling while you are overseas so that you will not have to miss a call! It is also cheaper for you to use the overseas prepaid SIM to call foreign partners and even calling back home to Malaysia. Using SMS2Calls card with a foreign local SIM card at your destination will allow you to save MORE call costs.