What's sms2call ?
Sms2calls is a service that allows you to make and receive international roaming calls on your mobile while overseas in lower cost. We will provide a service from your make and receive international roaming calls in oversea SIN card to your desitination phone number, connecting two sides phone number just one side charge in your 'sms2calls' card creadite value. Sms2calls are also is a services central that connect your phone number from oversea to your destination number.

Connect your number to sms2calls gateway

Overseas SIM Card'sms2calls' gatewayDestination Phone

Why I need a overseas prepaid SIM card?
When we are in overseas or travelling making calls and receiving calls from your mobile is very expensive with international roaming bills. Now using a foreign local SIM card with 'sms2calls' card make and receiving at your destination number will allow you to save on call costs.

Our service will connected your local mobile phone calls to you while you are overseas to your calling destination phone number, so that you will not have to miss a call! It is also cheaper for you to use the overseas prepaid SIM to call foreign partners and even calling back home.
Where can I purchase a overseas SIM card?
Most airports and convenience stores sell prepaid SIM cards so you’ll be able to find and purchase one with ease when you arrive at your destination.